Watch This New Reality TV Show About Female Car Mechanic


Oakes Entertainment and Pam’s Motor City are proud to announce “Car E.R.”, a new reality series starring Pam Oakes and the employees of Pam’s Motor City in Fort Myers, FL.

Sponsored by ACDelco, “Car E.R.” follows Pam, Peter (her long time fiancé) and the rest of the gang at Pam’s Motor City as they deal with tricky automotive repairs, esoteric customers, and serious attitudes within the shop. Of course, not everything’s a problem, and there’s a lot of fun and good times, too.

Unique to this series is that Pam owns and operates the repair shop, day in and day out. Not many women dare to venture into this highly male oriented field of work, but Pam follows in her father’s footsteps, and gives the boys a run for their money. They better pay attention when she talks, because she owns the shop!

The series is slated for first-run distribution via the internet, with future television broadcasts on the horizon. Initial reviews are that “Car E.R.” is sure to be a hit, and the potential for being picked up by a feature network is high.

To see the first few shows click on, and connect with the show on Twitter @CarERShow and Facebook ( search Car E.R.). Pam is also the author of Car Care for the Clueless: Successful Used Car Buying 101.