Luxury Items that Don’t have to be So Luxury and You Can Afford

One of the most depressing things in your life is wanting some taste of luxury and realizing you can hardly afford ramen noodles for lunch. Slice you regrettably got from McDonald’s while drunk other night. That is certainly we see the Facebook-version of people’s lives and it appears as if everyone in the world has some awesome thing going on therefore we stand on the sidelines wishing that we could be having our piece of the pie when really the only pie we now have. But chin up! There are some things out there that feel like luxury that are actually within the grasp of regular folks like you together with me. Let’s explore.

An Expensive Tablet-Looking Smartphone


You already know that feeling, looking over the shoulder of a friend or passer-by and seeing their new phone and thinking, man, I’ll never have some of those. The apps, the multi-functioning features, everything a fellah could want out of his mobile telephone. Whenever I see the fancy new phone, like the recently released iPhone 6, I just think to myself that someday I’ll have this phone, once the next two generations go by. It’ll be new to me then, so I can wait. So how you can get a fancy iPhone is to just wait and get the second-to-newest version. It is possible to probably even get it for free with your 2-year deal if you get the iPhone 5 now. It’ll be awesome and new for you, so what’s the large deal that it’s not the very latest?

A Luxury Car


Naturally you can’t afford a real luxury car, but these days, the generic boring sedans are actually quite nice with leather options and smooth handling. So while you may possibly not have the Lexus logo around the front and back, you can have an actually beautiful car for an affordable monthly payment. For example, we were looking at the Altimas at Carson Nissan and were struck with just how downright affordable they were. See for yourself at A car like that can create a man or woman really feel like a big shot somebody. And after the day, that’s all a high end car should really do: be comfy and inflate your a sense of self-worth. You can have that now too!

Top Shelf Booze


It may seem I’m crazy, as you sip your Evan Williams, pretending that it’s a nice single malt scotch and not even caring that scotch and bourbon are very dissimilar. But it’s true, you may get top shelf booze if you know where to consider it. The best bet is to stop shopping at packie stores or on the super market: head to the bulk food stores like Sam’s and Costco. There’s a bit known rule that club stores that way can’t possess a special price for members vs. non members. You can buy the booze there for that member price without being a member, though it’s an older law, and one they don’t advertise. Think about look on your own friends’ faces when you roll in with a bottle of Woodford Reserve instead of that Ol’ Grandad.